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The couple were very relaxed and ready for a new idea without complaining about the weather or others.

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It’s usually different to where you’re going to have your  marriage photos. Just so you have a totally different look and feel for your wedding day and it’s a great way for you to see how your photographer works, to build up some trust in your photographer and it’s also a great way for you guys, particularly for the guys, if you’re not super excited about the wedding day itself or having their photos taken.

It gets them excited about that part because they see what it’s like. It’s actually a fun process, like it’s really a good part of the day and by going through the engagement shoot, they get to see that, “Yeah, yeah. This is going to be good fun,”and they start to look forward to it. It may cost you $100, it may be free depending on the packages. But it’s such a small insurance to make sure you made the right  choice for your  photographer.engagement-portait You might be spending $3,000 in your wedding  photography for the day. So, to  spend $100, have a great photo session, spend some time with  your partner, having some fun,  getting some great photos – it’s a cheap insurance to make sure  you made the right decision. If  you want to learn more about that, make sure you contact me  and I’d be happy to do a shoot for  you guys.


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